Saw Mill

This property is extremely unique and we are excited to share it with you. The information that we gathered thus far, has been through local "old timers" and it has been difficult to find and we are piecing it together.  The property is known as the “Blanchard Sawmill” and can be seen on maps labeled as so. It operated as a sawmill during the 30s and 40s. They used Storm Castle Creek (formally known as Squaw Creek) to power the mill.  At one time it was said to have been a fairly large operation with over twenty cabins. Many of the workers would build their cabin on site and take them with them as pay once they finished their contract. All of the exterior wood of the cabins are from the property and milled onsite. There are four cabins that remain. The property was sold and changed hands a few times and there have been a lot of care put into the cabins before us. However, we have renovated two of the four cabins for sleeping, transformed one cabin into a bathhouse, and the large cabin is currently empty, ready for renovations. 

In 2012, the Millie Creek fire torched over 10,000 acres and the fire reached the property boundaries. Thankfully, the firefighters were able to protect the cabins while they used them as a base. The forest regrowth has brought the most amazing fungi and wildflowers in the spring and summer, great skiing in the winter, and great views year round. It's been amazing to see the variety beauty in the area. We have many hopes and dreams for this property and can’t wait for what the future holds; thank you for being a part of our journey!